Industry report:   

 Introducing Generation   COVID back to workplace   catering


 Read QikServe and Kafoodle's industry   report to find out:

  • Who is Generation COVID and what is its 6 requirements from corporate caterers?
  • What impact is COVID going to have in the long term?
  • What practical steps should corporate caterers take to respond to the changes in consumers?
 For further, exclusive information and   industry insight from corporate   catering company, OCS, watch the   accompanying webinar here.


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Are you ready to serve workers returning to the office?

Just as businesses have started to get a handle on Gen Z, COVID-19 has prematurely brought about the dawn of a new employee persona: Generation COVID.

Now is the time for companies to redefine the relationships they hold with workers, adapting products and presentation and reimagining the ways in which they, themselves, work. 


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